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Here at GPR we have 16 outside runs that are 4 ft X 8 ft with a covered roof so the dogs can stay out of the elements. Each dog has his own doghouse to help keep them warm and comfortable.   We recently installed 4 ceiling fans to help circulate the air on those hot summer days.  We have also recently added a 1/2 acre airing yard for the dogs to run and play while doing their business. 

"Training Grounds"

We have access to some great training grounds.   Included in these are the Retriever Training Ponds in Mayflower, AR (Also know as "Boone Pond" or "Pepper's Pond")  which we try and train on about once a week.  We also have access to many private properties that allow us a wide range of training grounds.

Boone Pond 1
Boone Pond 2
Boone Pond 3